Buying sustainable shoes is the first step towards a greener lifestyle. But making sure that they last, is just as important, if we want to save the environment. Taking good care of your shoes is beneficial for both you and the world.

We are happy to repair your shoes, if you should be unfortunate. But with just a little bit of care, our shoes are meant to last for decades. Here’s a few tips to keep your shoes nice and shiny for a long time after purchase.

First, here is some knowledge about our different shoes:

Textile shoes:
Use waterproof spray, to make your shoes more water-repellent and easier to clean. If you have a stain on the shoes, just bring it to the dry-cleaner for professional care. They can clean textiles on shoes as well.

High heels:
Our high heel shoes have a leather outsole to make the look more elegant. When the outsole is worn out, please contact our customer care service and we will arrange to pick up of your pair for reparation. We will be happy to fix it up for free!


Leather shoes:
Finding the right polish for your leather shoes is essential for sustaining the look and finish. Thankfully, there is plenty of cruelty-free leather care out there.

We’ve chosen one from Vegetarian Shoes, which has plenty of benefits and is 100% vegan.

Their Black Polish is great for maintaining black leathers. While creating shine and finish, this polish will improve your shoe water-resistance. Works great for giving scuffed footwear new life as well.

The pitch-black polish will beautify all your black leather shoes and ensure long life - as well as a clean conscience.

As a more affordable choice, coconut oil is also great for maintaining your leather boots. Using an eraser can surprisingly be quite effective on scuffed parts as well.

Suede shoes:
First off, the dust of the shoe with a shoe brush. Dirt can get stuck very easily on suede and it really hurts the look. To maintain the look, you will also need a brass suede brush. This will calm up the fibers, so they don’t turn “shiny” with time.
If you’re a real enthusiast, buy a suede spray and use it with the shoe brush. Spray on and brush the shoes immediately afterward.

Lastly, make sure to use a water-repellent spray as well. Almost any shoe will benefit from this and it will prolong its life.

Salt stains:
If you, like us, are living in the northern part of Europe, you might wanna pick up this tip. Especially in winter and fall, walking in the snow or rain, your shoes will pick up salt stains on the way. It is important to remove these stains regularly, as it is toxic for your shoes. Removing the stains with half water half white vinegar is the quickest way to get rid of the salt.

Maintaining whites:
Maintaining white shoes can be quite a challenge. The challenge, however, is even greater when doing it sustainably. A good tip for maintaining that white shine is using water and lemon juice in a mix. Scrub your shoes gently with a cloth and lemon water. Leave them in the sun to dry, and watch the magic happen.