Driven by the passion of her dreams, Aquazzura alumni Veselina Chebanova launched her designer footwear brand Arteana in 2019. 

The luxury footwear brand Arteana is the epitome of Italian “savoir faire." A delicious blend of Mediterranean effortlessness combined with “la dolce vita,” each shoe is imbued with a zest for life and timeless elegance.  

Veselina’s timeless, playful shoe designs are skillfully handcrafted by the finest Italian artisans who learned their heritage craft passed down from one generation to the next, blending age-old techniques with modern artisanal technology and impeccable Florentine craftsmanship. 

The unique and irresistible designs delight and awaken the senses and bring a sensation of joy to the soul. Veselina’s stunning footwear is collected by celebrities, leading luxury department stores, fashion connoisseurs and royalty. 


Veselina Chebanova spent over 8 years studying the art and design of the luxury fashion industry at the world’s most prestigious fashion institutions, including the top ranked Polimoda, the glorious gilded palazzo in the heart of Florence and the famed Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. 

Upon graduating at the top of her class, Veselina took up the helm as one of the creative forces behind the celebrated luxury footwear brand, Aquazzura. Her extraordinary success empowered her to then accept a leading creative position within ZARA’s global footwear design team, where she became the lead visionary, designing their bestselling footwear sold in over 96 worldwide markets. 

Turning to her upbringing of appreciation for handmade luxury goods by skilled artisans, Veselina took the ultimate leap of faith and launched Arteana, her own brand of exquisite luxury footwear. 

She now lives in Tuscany, just a short walk down a lovely country road lined with olive trees from the Italian artisans and their families who hand craft her luxurious shoes. Designed to be both sweet and sensual, her timeless styles celebrate the ultimate passion for “la dolce vita.”


Through years of hard work and endless determination, Veselina Chebanova has achieved her dream, with the introduction of her luxury footwear brand, Arteana. Veselina’s husband Mikkel Bjodstrup, a former Google executive, coordinates the daily operations, allowing Veselina to focus on the creative direction of the company. 

Together, their partnership is the story of brand legends. Now they incorporate their commitment to consummate Italian craftsmanship and their love of “la dolce vita,” into the focus and mission of the brand. 

As the golden sun sets over their ancient stone villa in Tuscany, you just might catch a glimpse of them, strolling hand in hand between the rows of olive trees, their two dogs playfully bounding through the garden. It is this vision of embracing the heavenly Italian lifestyle that the Arteana brand has refined into an art form.